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 Adding Music To Life  

We have gone online and can now teach students across the globe

Why you must tune in?

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We here at Dhuniscian are enhancing the Music learning experience and are implementing a whole new approach to Music teaching and Learning. At our Centre we provide the students high end instruments to learn and practise on. This reduces the hassle of carrying the instruments for every class. Also the notation stand, the right kind of seating stools or chairs ensures that the right posture and techniques are maintained right from the Day 1. We also follow a 12 hour a month methodology so that if the student fails to practise at home also he/she does not lose touch with what is being taught or learnt. We back up each class that the student attends with a video tutorial for reference at any given point of time. The syllabus notes and the manuscripts make the entire learning process swift. Metronome is introduced for the student to understand the music sense better. Music theory is a part of our own syllabus too. We also customize course as per the requirement of the candidate understanding that Music is passion and everyone can learn Music. Our Teachers are appointed with us on a full time basis giving us the liberty to deliver the music learning experience swiftly and productively. We support the students with video tutorials, syllabus books, manuscript books and review by teachers so that the student has an enhanced learning experience.

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