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Piano Keys

Keyboard / Piano

Love music and want to play the keyboard? You have come to the right place. Dhuniscian School of Music offers you beginners’, intermediate and advanced coaching that will set your foundation and help you learn the indepth skills of playing keyboard/ Piano, key essentials for your Music Production, get trained for your music Production skills . A course specifically designed for playing, reading music, improvisation, music theory, chords.

What will you Learn?

Play songs on the Piano/Keyboard, Play from lead sheets, chord sheets and sheet music, start to improvise using the pentatonic and blues scales, and understand the basics of music theory. This Piano / Keyboard course is for anyone who wants to learn to play the piano, as for other instrumentalists who also want to learn how to play the piano as a second instrument and to have a review of music theory. It's designed for total beginners on the piano/keyboard and will take you to an intermediate level.

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