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girl playing violin


We guide you from your first step to the advanced levels of music theory and practical, reading music, simple rhythms, composition, duet practice , solo performance and certification which would suit someone even with no musical background. The course is structured in a way that it provides easy and hassle free experience to the learner throughout the learning experience. You will learn all the violin scales you need to know and everything to get you started on the violin from start to learning how to play on your own.

What will you Learn?

Have an in-depth understanding on how to play the violin from scratch • Learn how to hold bow, how to hold the violin, how to use your shoulder rest and rosin • Working with the bow • Tuning the Violin • Pre-scale exercises and scales • Whole scale exercises • Fine Motor Skills exercises • Terminology • Bowing Techniques • Reading Music • You will be able to learn how to self-study and continue on with your playing after taking this course.

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