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Playing the transverse flute


At Dhuniscian, this course will train students in accordance with the ancient method of music training. It will teach them playing the flute and singing with the foundation in Carnatic style of music. Students undergoing this course will learn the basics of Carnatic music in relation to the instrument flute. Students will be able to render a simple song or geetam on the flute, after successfully completing this course.Students pursuing this course will first learn the Carnatic basics starting from the swara system. They will then learn about the tala system or rhythmic cycles, practising the swaras in particular talas. Students will then start to train on singing the swaras in particular ragas keeping in mind the talas. Students will be taught the different kinds of varishas, first among them will be the sarale varisha meaning a simple combination of notes. Moving on they will practice the datu varisha, meaning the jumping of notes and the janti varisha, meaning, the practising of two notes in different accents. Further, on students will learn the alankara to learn about the structure of tala or rhythm. Students after undergoing rigorous practice will be taught a short duration song or geetam by the culmination of this course. Students can also express their interest to their teacher if inclined to appear for the junior level, Government conducted examination in carnatic music. The teacher will, depending on the student's interest and progress, train them on the syllabus that will enable them to appear for the junior level, Government conducted examination.

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